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Akina Correspondence Suite


Inspired by the girl who possesses goddess like qualities.  Full of grace, natural beauty, and a uniquely classic style. Meet the Akina Correspondence Suite.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Correspondence Suite?

  • A Correspondence Suite is an artist-designed stationery collection used to connect with friends and family near and far. Each suite created by us is fully digital, downloadable, and printable.

Can I still use this suite if I don’t relate to the heroine’s story?

  • Of course! We’d love it if you’re inspired by our heroine’s story however, sharing her story is not intended to limit you to using this suite.  You’re welcome to use it just because you like it!

What is included in each suite?

  • Each suite includes these basics:
    • One A2 envelope suite
    • One A2 envelope liner
    • Four A2 flat note cards
    • One fun sheet
    • Instruction sheet and video

What size is the envelope?

  • Each envelope is A2 size and measures 4 7/8 x 5 5/8.

Will the suite be mailed to me via USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc?

  • Each suite is digital, downloadable, and printable.  You will be able to download the suite after purchase.

How will I receive my purchased suite(s)?

  • Each suite is digital, downloadable, and printable. You will be able to download the suite after purchase.

How do I put it all together?

  • Each suite will come with an instruction sheet and a link to an instruction video.

What will I need to construct my suite?

  • The basics for constructing each suite include:
    • A pair of scissors
    • A ruler
    • Glue:
      • Hot glue is recommended for a quick set. Regular glue will work as well but will take a little longer to set.
      • Tape runner - optional

What type of paper should I use to print my suite?

  • It depends on your project. It is recommended that you print your suite on cardstock if you plan on mailing the envelope via USPS.  You can also print on regular copy paper if you’re not going to mail it. 

What type of printer should I use to print my suite?

  • You can use either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. We would encourage you to use the printer that is best for the paper you’re using.

Can I send my constructed envelope in the mail via USPS?

  • Yes! Using heavier paper like cardstock would be best for mailing snail mail via the USPS!

 Can I sell the Correspondence Suite once I purchase it?

  • No. This Correspondence Suite is for personal use only.

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