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Field Notes: Entry No. 009 - A little bit of winter

Posted by Nathifa Sligh on

Field Notes: Entry No. 009 - A little bit of winter

Sharing a little bit of winter from my neck of the woods. Recently, I’ve found myself trying to capture a little bit of the seasons, especially winter. I used to dread the winters especially because of all the normal dreadful things; ugly dirty snow, icy roads, frigid temperatures, and everything else in between.  However, when I started to shift my focus to finding the beauty in the season no matter, winter turned into this beautiful experience for me. I now find myself intentionally looking for ways I can embrace winter’s magic.  Some of that includes playing classical music while driving, capturing little bits snow covered beauties through photos, and creating a cozy experience in my home for me and my family-think candles, accent lighting and time together in our space.

So what about you? Have you seen yourself capturing the magic of the seasons? Tell me more about how you do so in the comments.

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