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Field Notes: Entry No. 10 - Sharing Some News!

Posted by Nathifa Sligh on

Field Notes: Entry No. 10 - Sharing Some News!
Hello Everyone!
Happy New Year!  I hope the festive season treated you well on your end.  Mine was quite lovely!  I did nothing for dayyyys, y'all. LOL.  Like, I just laid around the house and hung out with my family.  It was glorious. all honesty, I actually did do something!  I started a Patreon!  This is the place for the Magic Keepers!  I truly wanted somewhere for us to gather and create together using long form video.  I couldn't do it on YouTube so, here we are!  
I will be posting one long form monthly art video at the lowest tier to hosting monthly lives at the highest tier! I will also be posting more some inspiration to keep us going!  It's gonna be a good ole time!  Can not wait!  
Our first project is up and running! For the month of January, we're creating the lovely color palette shown in the image above.  Fun, no? 
So, here are the details of the official Launch!  You're welcome to join right now!

Okay!  There’s more to come, but for now, that’s it!  Thank you for your support so far on this journey and I’ll chat with ya soon!

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