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The Correspondence Council 

We’re so happy you’re here!  We are super excited to introduce you to our newest project: The Correspondence Council by Juicy Christians Studio OR TCC for short!  Read on to learn more about the project & how you can partner with us to participate!  

Why the Council?

For the past two years, I worked in a really toxic environment.  You know, the kind of place that has so much unnecessary stress, anxiety, and energy vampires that it starts to affect your health? Or, the place where no one believes your story but you still show up every day and deal with the mess? Yes, that’s where I was.  It was heavy, burdensome even, on a daily basis.  To be honest, there were days where I would sit in my office and remind myself to breathe because I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation of “something else” happening.  I’d ask God, “Lord, how did I end up here?” or “Lord, when can I leave?”  While I am in a much better place now, it was lonely, exhausting, draining and toxic. Have you been there? 

Besides constant prayer, the one thing that helped me survive those days were the hand written notes I'd receive from people in my life.  Their letters would always thank me for something I’d done for them or how I’d made them feel or they would simply encourage me to keep on going; to push forward.  And you know what, those letters became my life savers on days where I wanted to walk out.  Those letters were my hand written heroes. 

As I started to think more and more about the power of a hand-written letter, I began to realize that many people live a similar experience to mine on the daily.  They are lonely, exhausted, depressed, drained and are just in some need of encouragement. Since I knew I couldn't do this myself, I got to thinking:  How could we become hand written heroes for them?  What if we could be the ones to stand in the gap of life challenges with them?  What if we could be the ones to plant seed of hope in their lives? Root for them?  Encourage them?

That's where The Correspondence Council comes in!  In short, TCC is a project designed to encouraged people through the art of letter writing.  We will get together online once a week for a Council meeting. Those connections will allow us to talk through who we want to encourage for the following week, what we want to say to them and actually write out our letters.  It will be an opportunity for us to create our individual practices of encouraging others on a regular basis.  Council meetings will also feature interviews from stellar encouragers, motivators, cheerleaders, tutorials, resources, and more!

Sounds fun, doesn't it?  I hope you'll consider joining us!  If you want to join the Council, keep on reading!

How to Join:

1. Say an intentional YES!
  • Be intentional about why you’re joining! I really hope you will join with the intention of creating a practice of encouraging the hearts of others on a regular basis.  If we’re going to change the world, we need to really be committed.   Don't worry, I will be there to encourage and help you stay the course!  After all, we are doing this together, right?

2. Choose your subscription: 
    • To make this easy for those of you who are too busy to run to the store to purchase cards on a weekly basis, I've added a greeting card delivery service to my shop!  Read on for more details!




    • To send out 4 letters per month ($17)/Ongoing - Click the image above to purchase! 
      • Each month, you will receive
        • 4 blank greeting cards + first dibs on our new designs 
        • Free goodies from yours truly to make your letter writing even more fun!
        • Closes the 15th of each month

    • To send out 8 letters per month ($32)/Ongoing - Click the image above to purchase! 
      • Each month, you will receive
        • 8 blank greeting cards+ first dibs on our new designs 
        • Free goodies from yours truly to make your letter writing even more fun!
        • Closes the 15th of each month!
    3.  Invite Your Friends
    • We hope you will invite some of your encourager friends to join us!  And that's it!  

    Honestly, the amount of excitement I have for this project is overwhelming.  I simply cannot wait to connect with you to see how many people we will encourage together! See you in the Facebook Group!

    All the best,