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Of The Month Series (April Portrait of the Month)

Posted by Nathifa Sligh on

Of The Month Series (April Portrait of the Month)

"Of The Month" Series

We're excited to launch and share our "Of The Month" portrait series with you.  Each month I will be sharing a newly created portrait and the inspiration behind why she was created. These works of art will be little reminders of things to remember, things to think about, inspiration for you and encouragement for others. 

So, make sure you get one for yourself and one for someone else.  Our "Of the Month" portrait will be offered as a greeting card, mug, journal, art print, and coasters. We will also be offering a discount to those on our email list (that's you)!   

Our first portrait is below!  Read on to learn her story.


…and suddenly she realized the peace she’d been searching for was within.
I’d like to offer you something besides fear or despair.  Something that at the minimum is useful to you.  Something that, in a normal season of life, often eludes us.  Something, seemingly insignificant and small, but makes life extremely good. 
I know, right now, it seems quite scarce as you search for it around your world.  To the left, you face anxiety. To the right, you face panic. To the front, you face uncertainty and behind you, well, there lives pure fear. 

Where can you turn?  Who can you turn to?  Who will help as you feel yourself grasping for something that resembles normal?
I’ve been here, friend. And I can tell you the only thing that helped me get through it was going inward.  Returning to my middle. My hidden place. The place where God’s word and whispers hide: He would never leave me nor forsake me. He has me in the palm of his hand…there are more with me than against me.  

When the world seems to be crashing down around me, returning to my inner being, my heart, the place I know my God lives? Friend, this is where I have found my peace.  So, I pray, that you too, will look inward, to your place within; I pray that you will slow down and realize that the peace you’re searching for is already there waiting for you.

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